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At Legacy Seeds, Inc. we believe in offering choices to corn silage producers that meet the needs of their dairy or livestock operation. Our RATION CHOICE™ HYBRID (RCH) system allows you, as the producer, to choose which silage system works best for your farm. Our corn silage product portfolio gives you the opportunity to choose from high yielding and high forage quality Flexible Acre varieties and high yielding and ration flexible Leafy silage varieties.


Flexible Acre (FA) corn silage varieties offer many benefits to the corn silage producer. If you have the need to have more flexibility at harvest time, Flexible Acre varieties can be the right choice. Flexible Acre hybrids that have been tested for forage yield and quality will work best in a 50:50 corn silage / alfalfa rations and where alfalfa is greater than 60% of the forage diet for dairy cattle.


Using Legacy Brand Leafy Hybrids (LFY) you get more digestible tonnage per acre than typical flexible acre hybrids. Leafy hybrids are b red specifically for corn silage and high moisture shelled corn production. Leafy hybrids consistently have higher stalk and leaf digestibility, along with improved starch digestion due to the use of more floury starch types and softer kernel textures. There are many benefits to using a Leafy Silage Hybrid system: improved dry matter intake, ration flexibility, improved herd health, higher forage yields per acre with less seed cost per acre and superior fiber and starch digestibility. Leafy varieties can be best utilized in dairy rations where corn silage makes up greater than 60% of the forage diet or in an alfalfa diet where RFQ levels are greater than 160%.

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