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The Legacy Seeds alfalfa breeding program is the only independent alfalfa breeding effort in the United States. Our breeding program is exclusively non-GMO, and is focused around the characteristics our customers tell us are most important to them—yield, persistence, feed quality and disease resistance.

Alfalfa breeding and research efforts are now headquartered at our new alfalfa breeding facility and research center in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Completed in 2018, it is the first new-from-the-ground-up alfalfa research facility constructed by a seed company in the past 30 years—and the latest evidence of Legacy Seeds commitment to their alfalfa customers.

The Research & Learning Center features 7,200-square-feet of laboratory and office space under roof, plus additional greenhouse space to extend the breeding season. Located on a 25-acre campus, the new center will also enable Legacy Seeds to host more tours and farmer events. The facility will also be used for training, helping Midwestern alfalfa producers manage the crop for greater profitability.

Alfalfa research and breeding efforts are led by lead alfalfa breeder Dave Huset. He’s been breeding alfalfa since 1981. In that time, Huset has earned a reputation in the industry as the father of Highly Digestible (HD®) alfalfa. Legacy Seeds has taken a lead role in this area, having bred alfalfa for improved digestibility since 1992. All told, the team has 70 years of alfalfa breeding experience.

Ultimately, our producers profit from Legacy Seeds research. Because many of our breeding techniques are unique in the industry, our products provide growers with benefits the competition can’t match. For example, our HD program has enabled alfalfa producers to increase their profitability by roughly $300/acre/year.

Exceptional stand life is another goal of our breeding program. The persistence of Legacy Seeds alfalfa is often significantly better than that of their competition, thanks to our StandLife Genetics® program. StandLife Genetics gives our alfalfa improved resistance to multiple strains of Aphanomyces Race 2 and, more recently, Race 3.”

It all adds up to improved profitability for producers who plant Legacy Seeds alfalfa.

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