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David Huset Awarded Honorary Membership to NAAIC

By Dave Robison

Logan, Utah – David Huset, Director of Forage Research for Legacy Seeds, Inc. (Scandinavia, WI) was recently awarded the prestigious Honorary Membership by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference (NAAIC) at their 46th biennial Conference in Logan, Utah.  NAAIC recognizes select nominated individuals for outstanding contributions to alfalfa improvement during their career.

For each biennial meeting the NAAIC Honors and Awards Committee selects the nominees, not to exceed 0.5% of the current membership total, and submits them to the Executive Committee for approval.

About David Huset

David Huset graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin River Falls and a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University under Dr. Mike Tesar in 1979.

Huset began his alfalfa breeding career with W-L Research in Highland, Maryland in 1980. During his career with W-L, David established the research location near Evansville, WI and was the station manager/assistant alfalfa breeder.  He took a leadership role in developing the “HQ®” High Quality alfalfa program.

In 2000, David was hired by Legacy Seeds as the Director of Forage Research to develop an alfalfa breeding program.  David’s breeding program specializes in developing dormant, high forage yielding, high quality alfalfas that are protected from a wide range of diseases.  During David’s tenure, the “HD®” Highly Digestible and “StandLife Genetics®” alfalfas have been released. Through the breeding program, numerous Legacy Brand and private label alfalfas have been released to North American farmers.

David served as an industry representative to the AOSCA National Alfalfa & Misc. Legume Variety Review Board from 2014-2018.

For more information about David Huset or the NAAIC contact:

Bruce Ceranske, President
Legacy Seeds, Inc.
290 Depot Street
Scandinavia, WI 54977
(Office) 715-467-2555
(Fax) 715-467-2557


(HQ is a registered trademark of Forage Genetics International, LLC.  HD and StandLife Genetics are registered trademarks of Legacy Seeds, Inc.)

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