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Posted with permission from NRCS, wi.nrcs.usda.gov.

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A new alfalfa breeding facility and research campus is the latest evidence of Legacy Seeds ever-growing commitment to their alfalfa customers.


By Dave Robison

Logan, Utah – David Huset, Director of Forage Research for Legacy Seeds, Inc. (Scandinavia, WI) was recently awarded the prestigious Honorary Membership by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference (NAAIC) at their 46th biennial Conference in Logan, Utah.  NAAIC recognizes select nominated individuals for outstanding contributions to alfalfa improvement during their career.


From day one, Legacy Seeds kept their goal simple. “We deliver outstanding performance with a personal touch,” says company owner and president Bruce Ceranske. “We offer seed that yields both bushels and profits for our farmers. Our experience has proven that what works for the grower, works for our business, too.”


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