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Corn Agronomy


The most important step to maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) in corn production is selecting the right hybrid or group of hybrids for your farm.  You most likely will need hybrids that will perform in high yield environments, variable yielding environments and lower producing, more stressful environments.  At Legacy Seeds we have hybrids that will perform well in all these environments.

At Legacy Seeds our corn portfolio has three pillars that we live by; genetics first, trait or no trait solutions second and seed treatments with biologicals third.  Our hybrids offer high performance with a tremendous amount of genetic diversity which will help mitigate or spread risk on your soils and in your operation.  Legacy Seeds corn program is a solution-based program which has many choices and options for your farm from a full line-up of conventional hybrids to hybrids with various levels of traits depending on your needs.  We carefully evaluate and select genetics through our Legacy Evaluation Trials (LET) to meet the needs of our growers, whether they produce grain or need high quality silage, using our Ration Choice corn silage hybrids (refer to corn silage section).  Seed treatments and biologicals are very important in helping to maximizing performance and minimizing stresses.

Talk with a Legacy Sales Representative or dealer today.  They are fully trained and experienced to provide the right solutions for your farm.

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