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Legacy Seeds EarthBuilder Cover Crops
Legacy’s EarthBuilder™ program is built with on-farm research, conducted with oversight from cover crop agronomists and regional officials. Representatives from NRCS and Soil and Water districts were invited to assist in helping the mixes and blends to become “region specific”. Our goal is to provide the best species with top quality seed in a proper mix/blend analysis that helps farmers be more profitable. Our extensive producer cover crop training program has reached over 2,000 farmers in the Upper Midwest and Ontario, Canada in 2012-2013. This training, along with field days, blog entries, YouTube videos, research, and on-farm visits, place Legacy Seeds at the forefront of providing top education, the highest quality seed, and Legacy Seeds’ regionally trained sales staff to assist growers. Legacy Seeds mixes specific cover crop blends with the option of doing custom mixes as well.
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